Traditional Name : Shatavari

Botanical Name : Asparagus racemosus

English Name : Buttermilk Root, Climbing Asparagus

Part of Plant Used : Buttermilk Root, Climbing Asparagus



Asparagus racemosus commonly known as ‘Shatavari’ meaning ‘curer of a hundred diseases.’ is an important plant in traditional medicine in tropical and subtropical India. It is an ascending, spinous, branched, perennial climber. It is commonly found in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, India and the Himalayas.


Asparagus racemosus reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It possesses tranquilizing property.

It eases the symptoms observed during menopausal transition such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes and insomnia. It is also known as the “Queen of the Herbs” for boosting female health and libido. It has been used for thousands of years as a general female tonic and hormone balancer. It regulates menstrual cycles, manages PMS symptoms, alleviates menstrual cramps and controls the amount of blood loss.

It is generally used as uterine tonic, galactogogue (improves breast milk) and best general health tonic. Studies show that it plays a very important role in stimulating immune cells and improving body’s defense mechanism.


  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Anti-depressant
  • Natural tranquilizer
  • Uterine tonic
  • Hormone balancer
  • Menstrual regulator
  • Anti-osteoporotic
  • Immunity enhancer
  • Galactogogue
  • Antacid

Active Constituents

Sugar, Glycosides, Saponin and Sitosterol

Ayurveda Insight on Shatavari

Shatavari has madhura, tikta rasa, madhura vipaka, sheeta virya and guru, snigdha properties. It alleviates Pitta, Vata and Kapha-Vata doshas. It is shukrala, balya, hridya, medhya, rasayana, vrishya, stanyakara, netrya and agnipushtikara in action. It is useful in Amlapitta, Arsha, Atisara, Gulma, Kshaya, Raktatisara, Raktapitta,Raktavikara, Vatarakta, Visarpa, Shopha, Parinama shula,Mutrarakta, Vatajvara, Svarabheda, Naktandhya, Sutika Roga, Stanya Dosha and Stanya Kshaya.

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