Traditional Name : Bhumyamalaki

Botanical Name : Phyllanthus niruri

English Name : Phyllanthus plant, Gale of the wind plant

Part of Plant Used : Whole plant



Phyllanthus niruri is a weed, an annual herb, commonly known as ‘gale of the wind’, ‘stonebreaker’ or ‘seed-under-leaf.’ It is found in the parts of Central and Southern India extending to Ceylon. It is a widespread tropical plant commonly found in coastal areas. It is quite rampant in the rainforests of the Amazon, China, Southern India, the Philippines, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. Some of its relatives can be found in Florida and Texas. It also grows abundantly in cultivated fields and wastelands. It has ascending herbaceous branching, smooth and light green bark, pale green flowers and tiny fruits. This plant is popular in folk-medicine in the treatment of various diseases, particularly hepatitis and other viral infection.


Phyllathus niruri is very well-known for its liver healing and liver protective properties. It protects liver tissues from damage and helps stimulate the liver to repair itself. P. niruri has shown clinical efficacy in viral Hepatitis B. It detoxifies as well as nourishes the liver. It is also effective in kidney stones, diabetes, hypertension and inflammatory disorders.


  • Hepato-protective
  • Nourishes liver
  • Anti-inflammatory

Active Constituents

Phyllanthin, hypophyllanthin

Ayurveda Insight on Bhumyamalaki

Bhumyamalaki has tikta, kashaya rasa, madhura vipaka and sheeta virya. It is daahashamak in action. It alleviates Pitta, Rakta and Kapha doshas. It is useful in Trishna, Kasa, Kandu, Kshata and Jwara.

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