Lodh Tree

Lodh Tree

Traditional Name : Jyotishmati

Botanical Name : Celastrus paniculatus

English Name : Celastrus climbing staff tree, Intellect tree

Part of Plant Used : Whole plant



Symplocus racemosa is an evergreen medium sized tree attaining a height up to 10 meters. Globally, it is distributed in the evergreen forests of Indo-china region and is found abundantly in plains and lower hills throughout India in the Western Peninsula region, North Eastern region and Sub-Himalayan tracts. It has a smooth or rough greyish bark, white flowers and purplish black fruits.


The bark of Symplocus racemosa has astringent properties and is useful in treating excessive bleeding during menstruation and other uterine disorders such as menorrhagia and leucorrhoea in women. A pre-clinical study has proven its efficacy in the treatment of hyper-androgenemia associated polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and its effect was found to be comparable with clomiphene citrate. It also relieves stress induced female reproductive disorders.


  • Uterine tonic
  • Anti-androgenic

Active Constituents

Alkaloids (loturine and colloturine) and red coloring matter

Ayurveda Insight on Lodhra

Lodhra has kashaya rasa, katu vipaka, sheeta virya and laghu property. It is chakshushya and grahi in action. It alleviates Kapha-Pitta doshas. It is useful in Shotha, Atisara, Netraroga, Raktapitta, Raktapradara, Atyartava and Shvetapradar.

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