Traditional Name : Jyotishmati

Botanical Name : Celastrus paniculatus

English Name : Celastrus climbing staff tree, Intellect tree

Part of Plant Used : Whole plant



Celastrus paniculatus is a large climbing vine, mostly found in moist deciduous and semi evergreen forests in tropical and temperate regions. It is distributed over India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Southern China, Malaysia (except Borneo), Australia and New Caledonia. In India, it grows all over the hilly parts up to an altitude of 1200 m.


Celastrus paniculatus enhances and protects the nervous and psychological functions.

It is used to treat brain disorders, stress, anxiety and depression.

The seed oil is found to be effective in reducing stress-induced cognitive dysfunctions.


  • Antioxidant
  • Neuroprotective

Active Constituents

Alkaloids, Oil and Tannins

Ayurveda Insight on Jyotishmati

Jyotishmati has katu, tikta rasa, katu vipaka, ushna virya and sara, tikshna properties. It is shirovirechanopaga, dipana, vamaka, virechaka and medhya in action. It alleviates Kapha and Vata doshas. It is useful in Vatavyadhi, Smriti daurbalya and Shvitra.

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