Herbal Supplement for Healthy Immunity

60 Vegetarian Capsules

The unique formulation of Immunrich helps in building a strong immune system, which is the defence line of your body. Immunrich aids in maintaining the natural protective barriers. This unique supplement helps sustain a strong immune system through the increase of healthy white blood cells activity thereby resulting in optimum health.*



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The immune system defends the body against diseases, infections or foreign substances that invade it. A healthy immune system distinguishes between self or foreign bodies in the body; attacks and destroys the foreign bodies efficiently to halt the progression of diseases. A dysfunctional immune system allows the invading substances to flourish and make the body more susceptible to various diseases. Poor immunity can adversely affect productivity at work, school and home. Thus, the well-being of the immune system is a critical aspect of wellness and quality of life in general.*

Immunrich combines synergistic blend of standardized extracts of Pointed gourd leaf extract (Patola), Tumeric rhizome extract (Haldi), Amla fruit extract (Amla) and Tribulus fruit extract (Gokshura) that have been proven to support the immune system, by optimizing its response to diseases and infections. The combination enhances the ability of white blood cells and supports the many levels involved in host response. In addition, Immunrich provides antioxidant support to protect cellular membranes of the immune system thereby enhancing the overall health.*

Increases the body’s own natural defense*
Stimulates the production and activity of infection-fighting cells*
Improves host resistance and helps in recovery*
Keeps the immune system in balance*
Helps to maintain an active lifestyle, optimal health and well-being*
Safe for long term use*

For optimum results, 3 months of intake suggested.
1 capsule twice a day
1 unit will last for 30 days only
Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight


This product is a unique combination of herbal extracts that offer natural support to your health. The safety and efficacy of individual ingredients is backed with time-tested usage through ancient wisdom as well as scientific methods. They are suitable for different body constitutions and do not require any specific knowledge of herbs before use. No adverse reactions have been reported with any of the active herbal ingredient in the product.

This product works by the virtue of its active herbal ingredients. Herbs have been chosen with the testimony of age-old usage of over 5000 years and scientifically validated for its safety and efficacy to promote wellness. Herbs in this product show a balancing and modulating action in the body. The ingredients support and promote natural functioning of specific biological processes that renew and sustain your health. Natural, non-hormonal and safe supplementation with the herbal ingredients in this product improves your quality of life and helps your body to regain harmony in a given health condition.

The supplements are for improving well-being and quality of life. The benefits of the supplementation will depend on your health and severity of your current symptoms. There is no standard course of treatment and the number of sessions you will need. Generally, most people will notice an improvement in around 2 weeks. We recommend that you continue taking the product for 3 months for optimum benefits.

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