Herbal Supplement for Optimum Joint Health

60 Vegetarian Capsules

ARTHRELLA is a rich combination of joint support phytochemicals. Arthrella combines the extracts of 4 herbs which offer support to the bones and the joints and help regulate healthy active joints and muscles. Arthrella helps in promoting normal structure and functioning of musculoskeletal system*



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The musculoskeletal system is made up of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage and other connective tissues that together provide physical structure, stability and movement to the human body. Any of these components can be injured by trauma or affected by a number of diseases. Alongside, our bodies are bound to experience wear and tear over time, and this certainty is compounded by the physiological changes that occur naturally as we age.  This condition is commonly understood as arthritis. Arthritis is typically caused due to inflammation in the joints which can cause pain and stiffness. This is often an umbrella term for different types of joint pain and may include osteoarthritis as well.*

Arthrella is combined with key ingredients like Guggul gum resin extract (Guggul), Turmeric rhizome extract (Haldi), Indian frankincense gum resin extract (Shallaki) and Ginger rhizome extract (Shunthi), which assists in supporting the musculoskeletal system and daily wear and tear. Arthrella assists in nourishing and stabilising the cartilages/ligaments and further reduces frictions while facilitating easy joint movements.*

  • Revives normal joint functions*
  • Relieves joint discomfort*
  • Promotes healthy and flexible joints*
  • Provides joint cartilage nourishment*
  • Safe for long term use*
  • For optimum results, 3 months of intake suggested.
  • 1 capsule twice a day
  • 1 unit will last for 30 days only
  • Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight


This product is a unique combination of herbal extracts that offer natural support to your health. The safety and efficacy of individual ingredients is backed with time-tested usage through ancient wisdom as well as scientific methods. They are suitable for different body constitutions and do not require any specific knowledge of herbs before use. No adverse reactions have been reported with any of the active herbal ingredient in the product.

This product works by the virtue of its active herbal ingredients. Herbs have been chosen with the testimony of age-old usage of over 5000 years and scientifically validated for its safety and efficacy to promote wellness. Herbs in this product show a balancing and modulating action in the body. The ingredients support and promote natural functioning of specific biological processes that renew and sustain your health. Natural, non-hormonal and safe supplementation with the herbal ingredients in this product improves your quality of life and helps your body to regain harmony in a given health condition.

The supplements are for improving well-being and quality of life. The benefits of the supplementation will depend on your health and severity of your current symptoms. There is no standard course of treatment and the number of sessions you will need. Generally, most people will notice an improvement in around 2 weeks. We recommend that you continue taking the product for 3 months for optimum benefits.

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