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Innoveda – a derivation of innovative Ayurveda – is a banner under which Charak Pharma, one of India’s 70 year old leading Ayurvedic Herbal Company, has introduced an array of herbal supplements by way of integrating the age-old science with modern technology and research, to bring to you the best of both worlds. Our vision is to take the ancient science of Ayurveda to a global level and establish ourselves as the best in the field.

From a country and a culture revered for its ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and modern medical infrastructure, Charak brings to you well-researched health solutions, proven safe & effective for users across continents, to enhance your lifestyle.
Charak products are now available in more than 35 countries and endorsed by more than 300,000 healthcare professionals globally.

Innoveda range of herbal supplements has been developed to provide the best of standardized herb extract blends that meet quality standards and substantiate wellness and health of the individuals, according to their body constitutions.

  • Based on Ayurvedic principles
  • Validated by modern research
  • Rational formula with whole and standardized extracts
  • A clinically tested, complete herbal formula
  • GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) under 21 eCFRpart 258 (The Code of Federal Regulations) compliant ingredients
  • Tested for compliance at certified labs in the US as per the NSF/ANSI-173 and WHO guidelines for heavy metals
  • No hidden Animal Ingredients
  • No wheat, corn, soy, yeast or dairy ingredient
  • Paraben & Gluten Free.
  • As good as Organic; satisfies USP 561 guidelines for pesticide residues
  • Vegetarian Capsules
  • Exclusive packaging as per US FDA requirements for food supplements

Innoveda range of herbal supplements offers a variety of safe and effective synergistic herbal combinations, that you can use as an integral part of your healthcare program. It supports and promotes proper functioning of specific biological process that renews and sustain your health. Innoveda supplements are to promote one’s health potential by improving quality of life.

For health promoting value, the decision to use herbs/ herbal supplements is a personal call. There are, however, many good reasons to consider herbal products as complements. The best reason is the incredible wide use throughout time and place and continued benefits while maintaining a remarkable safety profile. In fact, the World Health Organization has estimated that 80 percent of the world’s population continues to use traditional therapies, a major part of which are derived from plants, as their primary health care tools.

As a general rule, avoid consumption of any medications — prescription, OTC or herbal — when you’re pregnant or breast-feeding or always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before taking any supplements.

Generally Innoveda range of products are safe for individuals suffering from chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or heart disease. However, it is always better to check with your doctor or healthcare provider before buying or taking any herbal supplement.

Yes. Innoveda is safe for long term use, although you should consult your healthcare provider before using any supplements.

Quality has to be assured at all stages – herbal raw materials, processing of herb and finished herbal formulations. We follow the objective and the scientific ways to authenticate individual herbs, identify chemical constituents, test for potency markers, heavy metal contamination, microbial load and monitor the quality of herbs and consistency of different batches of herbal medicines.

The Innoveda range of herbal supplements does not contain any ingredient of animal origin and is free of yeast, wheat, milk, egg, artificial flavors, added sugar or starch.

Generally it can be used with medication with at least 1 hour of gap between both. However, in some cases like pre- surgery or with certain medicines, or if certain health conditions, dietary/herbal supplements may have untoward effects. Dietary/ herbal supplements should not substitute prescribed medications or the variety of important foods in regular diet.

The normal rule is to take the supplements 20 minutes after meals.

The supplements are for improving well-being and quality of life. The benefits of the supplementation will depend on your health and severity of your current symptoms. There is no standard course of treatment and the number of sessions you will need. Generally, most people will notice an improvement in around 2 weeks. We recommend that you continue taking the product for 3 months for optimum benefits. Your practitioner will review your progress throughout your treatment to give you an idea of the length of treatment required.

Yes, all of our Innoveda supplements are vegan-friendly and vegetarian.

Our vegetarian capsules are made up of HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), which is the technical name for the one ingredient that is the plant-sourced capsule. This is the same material used in the two-piece, plant-sourced capsules found throughout the industry.

The FDA does not approve or certify dietary supplements. All the structure and function claims made by the Innoveda range are notified to the FDA. Exclusive packaging of Innoveda products complies with the US FDA norms of food supplements.

Charak Pharma is proud to assure you that we do not use genetically-modified ingredients in any of our products.

When our products claim Gluten Free, it means we have tested the product and ensure the presence of gluten is less than the specified limits by the US FDA.

Charak’s information on Prop 65 can be found on the homepage of the website

We are not legally allowed to share clinical trials on our products or archive them anywhere online for you. We have them but they cannot be used for promoting product usage or sales.

You can purchase it online on our website charakusa.com.