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In a world where Herbal Health is being peddled by every other blogger, who do you trust your health with? If you have found Innoveda from Charak, you have made the right start. It’s your first step at healing your body, mind and spirit with natural herbal supplements, while bringing back balance and health.

Innoveda comes from Charak – a company that has the unique credibility of being a pioneer in delivering healing Ayurveda in modern forms – capsules and supplements since 1947. Charak has unique insights into man’s fight against modern diseases that have emerged to pose a serious threat to the quality of life and longevity. Over the most challenging decades, Charak has steadfastly found the answers to many questions about health and wellbeing.

Innoveda is the pinnacle of Charak’s journey, with the simple enough goal of offering the highest potency of natural medicine in modern formats.


Charak has always focused on retaining the purity of the herbs and ingredients, extracting the essence along with the nutrients. With Innoveda, we continue to bring you the finest Ayurvedic herbs and medicines monitored by modern technology to give best results – for body, mind and soul.

Innoveda offers a scientific and innovative approach to Ayurveda where every product consists of a blend of standardized herbal extracts chosen to promote wellness and offer a range of wholesome health benefits, steadily – like Nature intended.

Standardization process helps ensure the identity of herbs & retain batch-to-batch consistency of specific marker of the herbal extract used in the product.

With Standardization, the consumer gets the assured benefit of a consistent quality in each and every Innoveda product.

Let the healing begin.


Innoveda comes from the Ayurvedic Powerhouse CHARAK, named after the Ancient Indian Sage ‘Acharya Charak’ (who was the foremost authority in Ayurveda in 1000 BC). Endowed with the title of “Father of Medicine”, Charak found cures for diseases of the heart and even diabetes in ancient times.


In 1947, inspired by the Ayurvedic principles of Acharya Charak, the Shroff Brothers, Shri D.N. Shroff and Dr. S.N. Shroff began their journey towards bringing the 5000 year old practices and wisdom of Ayurveda to the modern age to fight the ever-increasing health ailments.

They dedicated their life to learning more and bringing forward Ayurveda in its truest form, holding up its principles as the core of Charak.

An ISO 90012015 certified company, today Charak has an unprecedented 70 years expertise in Herbal Healthcare, developing well-researched, ethically tested health solutions, proven effective for users across continents.

Our products are renowned for their adherence to international standards of quality and hygiene and are manufactured under strict regulations of contemporary measures of production.

More than just curing the disease, Ayurveda aims to maintain the harmony of the mind, body and soul in a way that is one with nature. Charak believes in this principle, and formulates all products to deliver this to our customers.

Recognizing the abundance of nature’s benefits, the R&D department at Charak works tirelessly to devise the ideal formulations for each ailment.


With a legacy spanning 70 years, the commitment and dedication of Charak has only been strengthened with each passing year. Today Ayurvedic scholars and modern scientists collaborate in our state-of-the-art facilities, sharing and enriching a formidable knowledge base to bring herbal healing to our customers. This unique position has enabled us to scale up to meet the wave of global interest in Ayurveda.

From a modest enterprise by two Ayurveda enthusiasts, Charak has now transformed into an Ayurvedic powerhouse – with manufacturing facilities in 3 locations – Silvassa (Daman), Samalkha (Haryana) and Baddi (H.P.). What began as a humble journey in India, is today a trusted global enterprise spanning over 35 countries.

We now have over 100 superior products endorsed globally by around 300,000 medical practitioners across various dosage forms.

Many of our brands are category leaders in their segments – M2Tone, known for regulating menstrual irregularities has earned the trust of women over several generations with more than 4 million units consumed each year.

Charak products are available in more than 100,000 retail outlets nationally including renowned hospitals and medical colleges like AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), Nair Hospital, Grant Medical College & Sir JJ Group of Hospitals and others.

But parallel to our growth has been the need to ensure that we maintain the purity of herbs, and respect for the principles of Ayurveda at each step for complete harmony.


To live consciously, to heal proactively.

Our bodies need to heal, not with chemically damaging pills but with natural effective and soothing therapies. Innoveda Ayurveda is the starting point for reversing the damage that today’s lifestyles are causing.

Innoveda has meticulously engineered the ancient scientific formulae in technologically superior formats. Giving modern man the mantra to live consciously, while embracing positive changes in diet and lifestyle.


As a brand based on Ayurvedic principles, we ensure that all herbs used in Charak supplements are in line with the 5000 year old legacy of Ayurveda. This ancient form of medicine paved the way for many other traditional healing methods and had a huge influence across nations. With modern science now offering concrete proof for the effectiveness and safety of herbal medicines, the world has seen an unprecedented interest in Ayurveda.

At the core of Ayurveda are the five elements of the human body and universe and their mutual alignment for good health. As per these principles, if any element – fire, earth, water, space or air is in imbalance, it will lead to problems in the body. The balance in turn for these ailments can be found in nature, along with a sound mind and nourished diet.

At Charak, we take great pride in our ancestral medicine and continue to bring it forward in its purest form to benefit everyone in need. Our unique formulations are scientifically crafted & proven to be effective and safe for all body types.


Innoveda brings together the ancient science of Ayurveda with the best practices of Charak’s 70 year expertise in Herbal Health. Administering medicine requires consistency and quality checks, maintaining standards and uniformity that our customers can trust with their eyes closed.

Herbs can offer an abundance of health benefits, but to extract them, they first have to be processed and treated extensively to retain their effectiveness while being safe for consumption.


As a responsible herbal pharma company and knowing the importance of the conservation & sustainability of biological resources, we don’t use rare or endangered or vulnerable herbal species for our Innoveda range of products.

Further, we procure our herbal raw materials from the vendors who are vigilant towards conservation and sustainability of biological resources, and comply with the Biodiversity Act. The Biodiversity Act is governed by the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) and State Biodiversity Authorities. As a key to achieve this goal, we work by sourcing these herbs from vendors working within the existing regulatory frameworks of the National Biodiversity Authority. NBA works towards conservation of biological diversity, sustainable use of its components and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of its use.


At Charak, we have strict guidelines to ensure that every herb in every Innoveda formulation goes through rigorous tests of pharmacology & phytochemistry before they are deemed usable.

The formulations and the material are chosen with utmost care and extensive R&D. At every stage of manufacturing in state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure that not even microns of air escape scrutiny. To maintain the integrity of the formulations, temperature and humidity are maintained strictly under control.

NO MANUAL CONTACT: Our technology ensures there is no manual contact with the product till it is safely packed.


Our formulations also undergo vast toxicological studies and critical human clinical studies before they are made available to consumers.

Our clinical trials have been conducted at leading Medical Colleges and hospitals in India and published in national as well as international journals like SAFOG, JPOG, ADJ and IJURO, among others.

Each of our products and the method of preparation are also approved by the Ministry of Ayush, an apex licensing authority in India for Ayurvedic products.

PURITY, EFFICACY AT THE HEART OF OUR PROCESS: Purity and efficacy are the heart and soul of Charak, and we have been duly rewarded and recognized by several accredited organizations.

We have been certified by the CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization) working with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for following the ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ as recommended by the WHO. We have also been conferred the ‘Excellence in Ayurveda Pharmacy’ award by International workshop on ‘Standardization of Ayurveda products’

Our commitment to brand safety and efficacy has also been acknowledged in renowned conferences such as AICOG, FOGSI, IMA, USICON, GESICON, SEXOLOGY, GPCON & others.

Additional accreditations include:

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for Manufacture and Supply of Ayurvedic Medicines and Nutraceutical Products.

Recognition Certificate by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices by the Directorate General of Health Sciences, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Competence in Testing and Calibration Certificate awarded to Charak Testing Laboratory by National Accreditation Board under Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.


At Innoveda from Charak, our core commitment has been to promote healing and good health through our herbal supplements with their roots firmly planted in Ayurveda. We integrate these age-old principles with utmost respect and integrity with an aim to offer individuals a long, healthy and balanced life.

Each of our Innoveda products and formulations undergo years of research and clinical trials before they are launched for consumption. We take our role as your trusted herbal expert very seriously and continue to ensure that we only bring you the very best at all times.

Let the Healing begin. – Innoveda from Charak.

Innoveda offers a scientific and innovative approach to Ayurveda where every product consists of a blend of standardized herbal extracts chosen to promote wellness and offer a range of wholesome health benefits, steadily – like Nature intended.

Let the healing begin.