Overcoming Liver problems naturally

Overcoming Liver problems naturally

One of the first things people tend to notice about my son is that he is quite lean. He’s been this way since he was a child. During his younger days, he would be too busy playing with his friends to really pay attention and neither did any of us. However, as he became a teenager he started to find himself lacking and wanted to start bulking up.

However, soon after a couple of weeks he realised that he would get tired quite quickly in the gym. Though he wasn’t an athlete, he was a regular boy who was normally active.

At first, seeing his discomfort, his trainer at the gym told him that he’ll get used to it if he continues but he shared with me that it wasn’t normal tiredness but complete fatigue that didn’t seem normal. At this I told him he needs to start eating properly. My son has a very small appetite and gets full after eating a small amount. He would often complain of being nauseous and not wanting to eat more irrespective of the food he ate. I told him that without a healthy diet, his body was not going to have the energy for an exercise routine.

He started trying to eat more but would find it difficult. He was also struggling at the gym because of his fatigue which seemed to be worsening. A little concerned we consulted our family physician as to what the problem could be. To our shock he suggested a liver test and the results of it weren’t completely normal. Our physician told us that my son has a liver problem where his liver cells were inflamed. That was the main reason for his nausea, lack of appetite and fatigue. He then suggested several treatment options, most of which required long-term medicines which were quite strong.

Although we knew a liver concern was not to be taken lightly, we were both quite worried about the side-effects and consequences of the medicines.

At this point our physician suggested an herbal supplement by the name of Liveda. He said that, we could try this herbal supplement by Charak as it could promote normal liver functions without side-effects.

Eager for a natural solution we readily agreed and to our surprise it worked. My son has been taking Liveda for a couple of months now and he is doing much better. His energy levels have improved and so has his appetite. He is no longer constantly battling nausea allowing him to feel better and eat more. Our physician is also happy with his progress and has suggested that he eliminate junk food from his diet which can worsen liver problems.

As a mother, knowing that my son has a problem with a critical organ like the liver, it was extremely distressing. However, such concerns have become increasingly common for a lot of people these days. I would like to share that a healthy lifestyle and herbal supplements can help maintain good liver health naturally.

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