My daughter and the unrelenting battle against common infections

My daughter and the unrelenting battle against common infections

As a mother, I have always tried to provide my children with the very best in life, be it in terms of resources, nutrition, education, and anything else. My daughter has always been the apple of my eye with her cheerful smile and happy-go-lucky attitude. Since she was a child she was quite outgoing but her frequency of catching a cold or viral often dampened her plans. She would be quite susceptible to colds which led to cough and fever as well as allergies during every seasonal change.

The first few times I thought it may be due to exposure through one of her friends and dismissed it as a normal part of growing up. However, as she began her teenage years the frequency only began to increase. She would suffer from severe cold and cough quite regularly interspersed with allergies. Soon it seemed that she was constantly on some medicine or the other with the doctor always prescribing antibiotics, anti-allergic and fever medicines.

In addition, the recurring ailments left her quite fatigued and weak. She would spend majority of her days in bed or sitting around the house instead of going out with her friends. I would give her fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure good nutrition but still the illness continued. The only thing that changed was the dosage of the medicines which only became higher to my chagrin.

Since I knew she was suffering, I would give her the medicines when required but always felt a bit worried about the side-effects. Then one day I was talking to my neighbour about my daughter’s recurring illnesses when she told me it may simply be a case of a weak immune system. She further said that as long as the immunity isn’t strengthened my daughter is liable to face a lot more problems without ever getting the right treatment.

I was extremely saddened to hear that she had been suffering for years and taking medicines for an effect and not the cause. I then asked my elderly neighbour some advice for a healthy immune system which didn’t include more toxic medicines and she told me about an herbal supplement for immune system called Immunrich by Charak.

She also assured me that it is completely herbal and safe without any side effects. This supplement was supposed to boost one’s immunity and protect from as well as treat such common concerns. Hopeful about an herbal solution as an immunity booster for my daughter, I instantly purchased a bottle of these supplements and started giving them to my daughter.

To my pleasant surprise, a few days later her cold was better. Also she wasn’t drowsy or nauseous like the commercial medicines made her and instead started eating better. Soon, she was free from her cold and also a lot more energetic than she had been in past. I was quite happy and hoped that it was the end of the line for all her medicines and health concerns. She continued taking the herbal supplements for immune system for a few weeks and to both our relief, the change in season didn’t impact her health like always. Unlike before, she wasn’t sneezing as often nor did she suffer from a cold or flu when the weather changed.

Her health and stamina improved and she soon became as outgoing and jovial as before. Today, I want to share my story with all loving mothers because I know how difficult it is to see our child suffer. At the slightest discomfort, we look for an instant solution for relief but it may not always be beneficial in the long run. My daughter took commercial medicines for years when in fact her root cause was never treated. With Charak’s Immunrich, my daughter regained her health and strengthened her immune system without any side-effects or negative consequences. A strong immune system is critical to maintain good health. With herbal supplements, one can do so naturally and avoid plying their body with harmful chemicals that may damage the health severely in the long run.

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