Reclaiming my mom’s youthful energy and activity levels naturally

Reclaiming my mom’s youthful energy and activity levels naturally

My mom has always been my best friend and confidante. Looking back, I have fond memories of my mom playing with me when I was a kid and spending time with me in various activities as I grew older. No matter what I wanted to try out in life, my mom would always be right there with me.

However, as I became an adult and my mom a little more of an adult, I noticed her activity levels started to decline. She began to complain of pain in her joints and with a strong family history of arthritis, it wasn’t a major surprise when she was diagnosed with the same.

Yet, even though I knew about this condition, I was shocked at the extent to which it impacted my mom. Simple things like getting up from her chair and walking became a problem. At times, it would take a few minutes for her to be able to completely upright herself after sitting because of her stiff joints. Even though she was just in her 40s, due to arthritis, her demeanour became that of a 60+ lady.

She stopped moving around much due to the pain, and her attitude and mood had also taken a turn for the worse. In the winter months, her joint pain seemed almost unbearable and she would almost cry out in pain every time she moved. Each time we went to the doctor the only change was in the dosage of the medicines. As her pain increased, so did the dosage of her prescription medicine though the relief was never long-term. She would take her medicines and find relief for a bit before the intensity of the pain would hit her again.

Further, the prolonged period of medication started causing her additional problems such as severe acid reflux. For the doctors, the only solution was to offer additional medicines. Not only was I distressed seeing her condition but was also very worried of the long term effects of her medications on her body. As I was looking for alternate solutions to help her manage her pain, I came across an herbal solution by Charak named Arthrella.

As a firm believer in natural and herbal solutions myself, I researched about this a little more and bought a strip of tablets for my mom. Though sceptical, the debilitating pain made her try these tablets and to our surprise it was actually quite effective. In the first few days itself, she found that her pain had reduced. The skin around her knees would often be red and swollen and would be extremely painful to touch. This swelling too reduced allowing her to get up from her chair faster and more comfortably. Over time, this herbal supplement significantly controlled her pain to an extent she was able to be a lot more active.

She also started decreasing her allopathic tablets under her doctor’s guidance and found that her acid reflux and other problems were far lesser. Typically, the winter months in particular, are almost impossible for my mom to navigate through due to her pain. However, with Arthrella she was able to be active and happy as her pain was in control.

Arthritis is a common ailment affecting at least someone we know. Most prescription medicines do not work to combat pain which surpasses the mild stage. Further, the long term side-effects of these pills can be quite extensive and harmful. Instead, with herbal supplements like Arthrella, you can help them manage their pain and even prevent it from occurring in the future while eliminating harmful consequences. So, if you or someone you know is suffering from joint pain, be sure to let them know about this herbal miracle medicine and avoid loading toxic chemicals from commercial medicines.

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