I suddenly started getting hot flashes with night sweats


At the age of around 47, suddenly my menstrual cycle became irregular, which was normal before. The menses was heavy sometimes and sometimes scanty. I noticed drastic changes in my physical appearance and mood. I suddenly started getting hot flashes with night sweats, I could not sleep at night, and felt depressed.

For me, hot flashes were the worst. The hot flashes were coming unexpectedly, and that was really frustrating and difficult. The hot flashes would happen at any time of day or night, and they would come out of nowhere. It was quite different experience for me.

It would feel like sudden spike in temperature inside of my body and I couldn’t stop it. It really felt like it was rising up like a thermometer. I would be sitting at dinner, sometimes with business colleagues at an event, and it would just start happening. In such a scenario, I tried to move to a cooler place or walk outside.

I don’t think it’s a weird thing to talk about if you’re talking to a woman.  So I discussed with my best schoolmate regarding my health problem. She told me about the condition known as menopause, as a natural physiological condition, can happen to any woman in her lifetime after natural cessation of menstruation.

I did search online and tried to read many books on menopause, then I came to know about various conventional treatment options like hormonal replacement therapy for menopause and hot flash. But the possible side-effects of hormonal treatment was a big concern for me. So I was worried about my depriving health condition and was looking for effective and safe alternatives.

A friend told me about Ayurvedic remedy for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms named as MENOEASE from Charak Pharma. I started the course immediately and I am happy to say that the impact of this medicine was quiet positive to relieve from hot flash along with other menopausal symptoms. It was like GOD’s GIFT for me to get rid of my troublesome hot flashes.

Within few days, Menoease helped me to get back to normal life as it was before. I felt great relief from my hot flashes. Also, there was good improvement in my mood swings, irritability and I found that my sleep pattern turned to normal as days passed.

Menoease is a unique Ayurvedic medicine which helped me to cope with occasional stress and discomfort caused during my menopausal days. It helped me to promote my physical and emotional comfort and assisted in combating mood swings, depression, night sweats, joint pains, painful intercourse and fatigue.

So, I would like to say that Ayurvedic supplement, Menoease, offers non-hormonal approach to achieve the best relief from menopausal symptoms and that too, without ill-effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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