Diet Can Play A Critical Role In An Enlarged Prostate

Read here to know the food items that can help.

There are several diet tips that can help with an enlarged prostate. Certain foods can impact testosterone and hormones in the male body and should be consumed accordingly. These include:

Tomatoes: Highly rich in anti-oxidants, tomatoes are an extremely important addition to one’s diet. A prime ingredient, lycopene, can help protect the prostate gland cells. For maximum benefits, it is advised to heat the tomato, such as in the form of a soup or broth for better absorption in the human body.

Berries and nuts: Berries are an excellent source of anti-oxidants and nutrients that help fight oxidative stress. Common examples include strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. In addition, nuts are loaded with healthy fat and critical minerals that support the hormone levels, thus helping with an enlarged prostate.
Oranges and lemons: Citrus fruits such as lime and oranges are abundant in vitamin C which helps boost immunity, fight free radicals as well as support prostate health.

Cruciferous vegetables: Brussel sprouts and broccoli may not be your favourite vegetable, but adding them to your diet can help with an enlarged prostate. In addition, the nutrients found in these vegetables are known to help fight against cancer, a concern for people with a severely enlarged prostate.

Coffee and alcohol: Caffeine and alcohol have natural diuretic properties that tend to increase urine flow. Curbing these items can help reduce the symptoms.

Dairy: A diet with large amounts of dairy should be avoided as they can worsen symptoms. Instead, opt for almond milk and other vegan options.

Salt-intake: Along with your food, it is important to watch out for your salt intake in the case of an enlarged prostate. A high-sodium diet can worsen your condition. Reduce processed food and avoid the salt shaker on the table. In addition, you can also opt for potassium rich foods that help balance sodium in the body.

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