Ayurveda for a healthy and hearty spring

Ayurveda for a healthy and hearty spring

Transition your mind, body and soul from winter to spring with Ayurveda

The slight warmth of spring after the dreary and chilly winter marks a welcome change for everyone around the world. Nature in its entirety seems to awaken in spring as witnessed from the blooming flowers and chirping birds. Human beings across the globe too can be seen welcoming this season with open arms and often even certain traditional rituals of celebration.

Each ritual is marked with a sense of cleansing to welcome the season reminiscent of the popular term ‘spring cleaning’. Centuries old practices such as Ayurveda spoke of the importance of cleanliness during this season to bring about a sense of positivity and renewed energy to one’s place by removing unwanted clutter and negativity. Along with cleaning the house, however, Ayurveda also propagates a spiritual cleanse for a healthy body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda tips to welcome spring
Ayurveda qualifies every season with a particular ‘dosha’ also understood as specific properties. Springtime signals the start of the Kapha dosha season. Here, nature seems to be reawakening from the dull and cold winter or Vata dosha season.
Spring is also commonly associated with the common cold and cough. Kapha dosha holds residence in the chest and an imbalance of it can lead to respiratory concerns such as asthma, sinusitis, congestion, cold and others. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet which keeps the Kapha dosha in balance, we can transition smoothly from winter to spring, while maintaining good health. Some of the top Ayurveda tips for a healthy spring are:

A spring-friendly diet
Foods that are rich in fat or sweet may be highly appealing in the winters but in the spring it is all about the spices and pungent foods. Popular American foods such as peanut butter, pies and other desserts and deep-fried foods should be limited as they stress the body in this season. Instead, a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and legumes is exactly what you need to stay healthy and active. You can also add some herbs and spices like ginger or turmeric to your meals at this time to further balance the Kapha dosha. Herbal supplements by Charak such as Immunrich combines these herbs and spices to keep your immune system strong and healthy at this time of the year.
Along with a healthy diet, keep in mind that the Kapha dosha is at its peak in the morning and evening impacting your digestion. Here, instead of struggling through a heavy breakfast, indulge in a hearty lunch as that is when your digestive system is the most efficient. Switch to a light breakfast and dinner to keep yourself light and active through the day.

Get moving in nature
After months of being holed up indoors during the snow and chilly season, spring is the perfect time to get your muscles moving again. Ramp up your physical activity levels to boost blood circulation and oxygen throughout the body. Lack of movement can also worsen stiffness and pain in the joints in the winters. Stretch them out in the spring along with our herbal supplements – Arthrella for healthy joints.
During spring, opt for outdoor exercises such as walking and swimming which do not place severe stress on the body instantly after the winter months. Gentle yoga exercises are also a wonderful way to bring back flexibility and movement to your body without sudden exertion. Keeping your body sedentary on an indulgent diet in the spring is sure to mess up your bio-rhythms and keep you sluggish. So be sure to change your routine with the season change to stay active and positive.

Catch up on your sleep
The period in-between seasons can often mess up your routine, especially if you aren’t careful. Staying up all-night to binge on your favourite show on Netflix may seem like fun at the time but is sure to create havoc in your system in the day. Ayurveda believes that good health comes when one is in complete harmony with nature, thus, advocating the importance of sleeping in time. Getting your 8 hours of sleep in a way that ensures you’re up at sunrise is sure to keep your body and mind healthy and active. If you are dealing with bouts of insomnia, try adopting a few simple changes to bring yourself back to a healthy routine.
Turn off all electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime. The light from the electronics interferes with the body’s ability to sleep. In addition, eat your dinner 2-3 hours before dinner to avoid discomfort while sleeping. In case you start to feel restless and unable to sleep, leave the television and pick up a book instead. A soft playlist of instrumental music can also make you sleep well. Our herbal supplement Sumenta also helps combat anxiety and nervousness, often found in relation with insomnia, to help you get your rest without any negative side-effects.

Cleanse your mind and spirit
In this era of information overload and constant access, it is easy to become so distracted with everything that the mind is constantly on an overload. As spring settles in, take some time out for your mind and spirit along with your body. Take a few moments in the day to completely disengage and recharge. Leave the phone and go for a walk for a few minutes or inculcate the habit of meditation daily. This will help you maintain a positive outlook while also keep your emotional healthy strong and relaxed.

Spring is a period of reawakening after the long winter spell. Use the tips from the ancient Ayurveda practice to keep yourself healthy and active through the season without any ailments.

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